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What is a ketogenic diet

This is going to overturn everything you ever thought about what is healthy eating and what is not and help you to lose weight without feeling hungry.

Is it a new fad diet? no, on the contrary, it’s been known for decades and is scientifically documented by some of the world’s leading dietitians. It’s called Ketogenic dieting.

I like to practice what I preach and I have been on this diet for over a good few months with extraordinary results. I started this website to help others who like myself were overweight, struggling to maintain a strict diet, feeling hungry when dieting by restricting calories and generally feeling unhappy with my appearance even though I frequently worked out at the local gym, ate healthy food, cycled and jogged for miles.

Something was missing, the fact that I always felt hungry and wanted to cram some more food into my body when I should have been content. I looked at animals in the wild, many were lean generally, not fat, so why was this? Sound familiar?

My brain was telling me to eat more, yet I must have been full, did I just lack the discipline, was I just genetically predisposed to been fat? It took me many years, trying different diets before I stumbled on Ketogenic diets.

I read everything on the internet, science Journals, books, and some of the information was conflicting and inaccurate. But one general theme ran through them all, people were losing weight and did not feel hungry!

Watch this video that highlights some scientific facts about fats, diets and what keeps us lean and what makes us put weight on.

So after careful consideration and a medical first, I decided to experiment with the diet and set my target goal at 3 months and to see if I really would lose weight! At first, it was awful, I felt dizzy, light-headed, hungry, and stressed, I nearly stopped, but I had read that it takes a few days before you start producing Ketone in your body so I stuck it out.

What started to happen and how I became to feel was totally amazing, in fact for the first time ever I seemed to be more focused, sharper, physically getting leaner as each week went by, and incredibly felt full, I had found something that suited my body and mind and did not feel uncomfortable, but quite the opposite, I felt content, lean and sharp, this improved as time went by and I experimented with tweaking the diet and trying variations and themes on the diet monitoring my Ketone levels and weight loss daily to see what worked the best and what underperformed.

After 3 month’s I had lost an incredible 40 lbs! What made me happy that at 49 years of age, I had now got comfortably into 32″ inch jeans and had not been 32″ since I was 18 years old! I decided to persist and maintain my diet, tweaking, and experimenting, and now had a string of close family and friends wanting to have a go at the Ketogenic diet after seeing my impressive results.

I read more about this dieting method and soon realized how I could maximize the potential of the diet scientifically, how it was really working and that it happens to be the natural way our bodies were intended to be fuelled from our Paleo ancestors!

You see I was talking from experience, I had tried over 50 different diets, even being vegetarian for 18 months, and in all these other diets, muscle wastage seemed to dominate if you tried to a calorie deficit, catabolic processes would take effect on muscle tissue. You also felt Hungry and generally unhappy.

It’s the reason that on a calorie-restricted diet you are only allowed to lose a maximum of around 2 LB a week! OK, it had worked for me, but would it work for others, luckily, I had close family & friends willing to give it ago! A few months later again, and they had all succeeded in losing weight!


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